Prayers, Power, Passion and Inspiration

"In that day the LORD Almighty will be a glorious crown,

a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people." 

 Luke 1:49


Footnote: Something that is subordinately related to a larger work.



Click on the titles below to discover some great inspirational stories:


1.  Potato Chips

2.  A Letter from Your Best Friend

3.  Kansas Senate Opening Session Prayer

4.  The Living Bible

5.  Sandpiper

6.  Living for Today

7.  Communication in Marriage

8.  A History Lesson - Laus Deo

9.  What's with the Fork?

10. God Lives Under the Bed

11. Being a Mother

12. Does Evil Exist

13. The 12 Days of Christmas

14. The "W" in Christmas

15. The Room

16. The Candle

17. The Best Explanation

18.  May God Shine His Special Light Down on You

19.  My Father

20.  The Seed

21.  God and the Spider

22.  What If It Was Today

23.  Abbey Died

24.  The Pilot



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